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Astrologer K.R. Madhavakurupu was a famous astrological scholar, social worker, traditional ayurvedic practitioner and respected person with well ideal mind. He was born in 1929 May 09 Thursday 01-30 PM, TCR (1104 Medam 27 Bharany) as the fifth son of Sri Ravunny kurupu & Kunjukkutty. Most of his life time was rendered to society. He participated in Indian Freedom Movements and spent in jail several times. In his political field he had friendship with Hon. Chief Minister C Achutha Menon and when he was immersed in trade union activities in Mumbai he had personal intimate contact with Hon. Minister George Fernandus. Being a good and unselfish Politician he wrote dramas and other poetic works to perform them in his village area for spreading political ideas among the local people. Vidyadhara Ayurveda Pharmacy was kept by him to keep tradion. He was a fine Astrologer as his father of Sri Ravunny kurupu. Astrology and Ayurveda were used by him not for making money but only for serving the poor people in other way. He taught basic education to the poor and was a perfect political guru among his friends. When OMS School was formed he had a crucial role with Sri Kunjan Master. Eravakkad-Paliyekkara Road is also one of the main participation of his activities. Yet he did not want to be popularised. Foes and deceases forced him to sit at home. He never got any kind of satisfaction in later politics. So he gave his traditional gift to his third chid Vidyadharan K.M. at 12th age. Our Kindly Light leads us even though he joined with our family deity Sree Veerabhadraswamy in 1998 Nov 14 Saturday 06-10 P.M. (1174 Thulam28 Uthram).

His son followed his father’s steps in astrology and after his M.A. father helped him establishing KARMA in 11-04-1996. For fulfilling father’s wants his son Vidyadharan secured higher study in astrology. His uncle, second Guru, Dr Sooranelloor Sankaranarayanan led him to the wonderful realm of KP System. Thus he carries researches in this field. Titles and Awards are conferred on him. He is very grateful to Prof Hariharan for Mantra deeksha and Stellar Astrology. He is indebted to Great Guruji Krishna Moorthy for his blessing. He has been blessed with Rieki from Grand Master Dayanathan. Now he teaches Traditional Astrology as in gurukula method and KP syastem. He has several disciples.